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See Storage in Water

Invest in tangibles Water

Four 24-Pack cases of Nestle’ Pure Life bottled water (this brand consistently scores highly in water purity and bottling transparency testing) in the top of the guest bedroom closet.

Two 24-Pack cases of Nestle’ Pure Life bottled water in the trunk of both mine and my wife’s cars.

Eight 2.5-Gallon Containers of Arrowhead Spring water in the corner of my computer room closet.

Twenty single gallon jugs of Nestle’ Pure Life Water hidden two at a time in various places (next to the water heater, in a corner of the garage, etc.)

Four Reliance brand 7-gallon stackable water containersAquatainers” ready to be filled in the master bathroom closet.

Two WaterBOB brand 100-Gallon bathtub bags (1 for each tub) ready to be filled in the cabinet under the sink in each bathroom.

It’s been said over and over, but it is the truest statement in this world: water is life. Storing water in this way, even if a portion of my home becomes damaged or inaccessible, I’ll still have enough to survive the short term and reevaluate the situation.

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