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Rawles on Retreats and Relocation by James Wesley Rawles, editor of The Survival Blog, copyright 2007, published by The Clearwater Press, is a detailed analysis of retreat locations throughout the USA and some international locations.

This Book Covers: Survivalist retreat locales, Detailed State and Local Statistics, Weapons laws, Climate zones, Retreat Property Selection Criteria, Zoning and CC&Rs, Self-sufficiency, Emerging threats, Terrorist Targets and WWIII Targets, Offshore Retreats, Privacy, Stocking Your Retreat. 225 pages, fully indexed, with detailed maps and retreat locale analysis, covering 19 western states.

Table of Contents

The topics include:

Introduction 5

Chapter 1: Population density and The Golden Horde 9

Chapter 2: The Self-sufficient Survivalist retreat 17

Chapter 3: Climate and Growing season 29

Chapter 4: Water, Power, and Fuel Source]s 31

Chapter 5: Property, Income, and Sales Taxes 41

Chapter 6: Weapons laws 45

Chapter 7: Zoning laws and Other Nuisances 49

Chapter 8: Terrorist Target Structures 53

Chapter 9: World War Three Target Structures 59

Chapter 10: Offshore Options 69

Chapter 11: Privacy is Paramount 75

Chapter 1 2: Narrowing Your Survivalist retreat Search 77

Chapter 13: Making The Purchase 111

Chapter 14: Building (or Remodeling) a Survival Retreat 115

Chapter 15: Stocking Your Survival Retreat 119

Chapter 16: Food storage 133

Chapter 17: Friends, Relatives, and Neighbors 137

Appendix A: Retreat Owner Profiles 139

Appendix B: Sources, Suppliers, and Consultants 207

Appendix C: References 209

Appendix D: Survival Acronyms and Survival Terms 211

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A refugee is a person who is immigrating to another country because of political or social turmoil within his or her own country.

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