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NEVER associate your name with your address under ANY circumstance. Good advice!

NEVER sign up for contests, freebies, anything that can compromise your name with your location.

Is YOUR car title in YOUR OWN name? Big Mistake!

Do you receive MAIL at your home? Big Mistake!

Are YOU on Facebook? Big Mistake!

Do you use credits cards everywhere you go? Big Mistake!

ASIN:1250010454 Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life

How to Register Your Car using a NM LLC

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  1. 9611 02/19/13 #9598 Your Tax Bill Is Public

Tax bills are public, but many counties allow you to submit a form to have your name taken off of the public sites, replacing your name with something like “Current Owner”. Check your county's appraisal district website to see if your name appears (if you own property).

  1. 9597 02/15/13 Getting WA license plates

I want my car registration to have a Canary Islands address. That means I'll have to get Washington state license plates, I think. If so, can I do this by mail or do I need to go up to Seattle?

Yes, it can be done by mail if you choose a county without emission requirements but you may not like one of the forms, not to mention photo ID.

I've been getting WA plates for various persons and can simplify the paperwork and present my own ID instead of yours. If this is of interest, contact me by email, please.

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