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Blog-Wiki-Podcast-VideoBlogging Plan

Blog-Wiki-Podcast-VideoBlogging Plan

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“We look at a few key factors in determining your eligibility to our network, primarily: traffic and content.

The most common issue is that your traffic ranking is too low, or that your site is not established (less than 3 months old) so we're unable to get a significant reading on it.

Generally, we recommend you spend the first 6 months of your new website, building content, establishing authority (unique content), garnering backlinks (links from other websites to yours), implementing SEO, and even paid traffic generation (PPC / keyword bidding) in order to increase traffic. Even modest increases will greatly increase your ranking, and subsequently your eligibility with us.

Another common issue is applying with a website which isn't finished, doesn't have content, or is very sparse on content. Please ensure that your web presence is providing value, information, and content, to be considered for eligibility.”

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