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This started as an America First MAGA focused Survivalist-Prepper-Patriot-Constitutionalist-Conservative-Libertarian-Permaculture project fork of Wikipedia and Conservapedia and especially InfoGalactic.

Free and open-source software is that which, by definition, may be forked from the original development team without prior permission without violating any copyright law.

In software engineering, a project fork happens when developers take a copy of source code from one software package and start independent development on it, creating a distinct piece of software. The term often implies not merely a development branch, but a split in the developer community, a form of schism.1)

Forking of free and open source software

Free and open source software may be legally forked without prior approval of those currently developing, managing, or distributing the software per both The Free Software Definition and The Open Source Definition:2)

“The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others (freedom 3). By doing this, you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes. Access to the source code is a precondition for this. The Free Software Definition -, The Free Software Definition, Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation)) 3)

In free software, forks often result from a schism over different goals or personality clashes. In a fork, both parties assume nearly identical code bases, but typically only the larger group, or whoever controls the Web site, will retain the full original name and the associated user community. Thus, there is a reputation penalty associated with forking.<ref name=wheeler/> The relationship between the different teams can be cordial or very bitter.

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“Schism”, with its connotations, is a common usage, e.g. "the Lemacs/FSFmacs schism" (Jamie Zawinski, 2000), "Behind the KOffice split" (Joe Brockmeier, Linux Weekly News, 2010-12-14), "Copyright assignment - once bitten, twice shy" (Richard Hillesley, H-Online, 2010-08-06), "Forking is a feature" (Anil Dash, 2010-09-10), "The Great Software Schism" (Glyn Moody, Linux Journal, 2006-09-28), "To Fork Or Not To Fork: Lessons From Ubuntu and Debian" (Benjamin Mako Hill, 2005).
3. Derived Works: The license must allow modifications and derived works, and must allow them to be distributed under the same terms as the license of the original software. The Open Source Definition, The Open Source Definition, The Open Source Initiative
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